Welcome to Nyeri Diaspora Leadership Academy, Inc.

MISSION: To transform the youth of Nyeri through leadership training who will in turn transform the local communities.

VISION: Through the provision of intensive leadership training courses, Nyeri Diaspora Leadership Academy seeks to prepare future leaders of Nyeri, Kenya and beyond who will work together to address the greatest challenges and achieve extraordinary social impact.

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Nyeri Diaspora Leadership Academy, Inc.
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Welcome Message from The NDLA President

Prof. Peter Ndiang’ui - Founding President & Honorary Ambassador, Nyeri County

My name is Peter Ndiang’ui, a professor at Florida Gulf Coast University located in Fort Myers, Florida. I also serve as the Founding President of Nyeri Diaspora Leadership Academy (NDLA), Inc. In that capacity, I warmly welcome you on board. We are so honored that you have chosen to visit our website. We’re a nonprofit agency dedicated to delivering transformative life-changing education programmes to our community members.
NDLA was launched in February 2023. It is one of the major projects initiated by the Nyeri County Diaspora Advisory Committee.

This committee was put together after I was appointed as the Honorary Ambassador of Nyeri County by Governor Mutahi Kahiga. When the committee was formed, one of the major issues it embarked on was supporting the children who were not able to join the high school after doing extremely well in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE). Within a week, the committee raised about half a million Kenya Shillings to send 20 children to school. The committee then realized that just paying tuition was not enough. There was a need for empowerment to let those children know that just because they come from low-income families, they have been endowed with something greater – their intellect and passion to learn. Read full message here.

Programs Offered by Nyeri Diaspora Leadership Academy.

Counties in the KISIHOMI region are among those leading for the wrong reasons.

Head start Education – Below 6 years of age

Reducing the 30-million word gap through revamping of social safety nets.

Middle School students

Mentoring of high-achieving boys and girls from grades 7 and 8 – 20 students to start with.

High School students

Selected students joining high school – start with 20 students.

Higher Education Connections

Connecting Kimathi and Karatina Universities with higher education scholars in the diaspora.

MBA online courses

Working with Saylor University to provide free/low-cost MBA degrees.

Community Projects

Currently, the community is engaged in sack gardening with the help of the Echo Farm.

The History of Nyeri Diaspora Leadership Academy

NDLA is a non-profit social entrepreneurship venture started in February 2023 through the identification of high-performing KCPE graduates from Nyeri who were in of dire need for support for them to join high school. After the initial solicitation of nearly half a million Kenya Shillings, a group of Diasporians came together to identify ways of providing sustainable support for these and other Nyerian youth who find themselves in similar situations. NDLA was then set up primarily to help bring change to the selected youth of Nyeri community through education support and leadership training. Its motto is to connect, learn and inspire.

NDLA strives to facilitate not only the funding of tuition for high school education for the selected underprivileged youth but also leadership training. In addition, the organization strives to identify empowerment opportunities for Nyerians both at home and abroad.

The Management Board

The Stakeholders

Nyeri County Government

Parents and Local Communities

Partners, Individuals, National and Internal Agencies

Nyeri Diasporians

The Youth of Nyeri County Region

Partners, Individuals, National and International Agencies

Frequently Asked Questions


1.Through Partnership. Partners contribute voluntarily to support our programs. Any financial contribution from partners pays tuition fees for our high school students and supports training in the Leadership Academy that is held in the months of April,August & December.

2.Through Sponsorship. Best performing students are selected from vulnerable backgrounds and they join our academy where their tuition fees is paid for the four years in high school and also they get free leadership training at our academy.

3.As a Trainer. Professionals in various fields can join the academy and share their knowledge and skills as volunteers or at an agreed fee.

  • Nyeri county executive members
  • Trained teachers
  • Professionals in various fields.


The students fees is sponsored by NDLA.


Any help is welcome because every contribution will benefit the students in the Leadership training program or paying school fees during regular school terms.


SOURCES – NDLA will seek donations and grants from willing supporters. They will include individuals and organizations in Kenya and abroad. The board and executive director will solicit support and funding from such individuals and agencies.

ACCOUNTING – Selected members of the board and the executive director will be responsible for ensuring that funds are used for the purposes with which they were designated to.

FINANCIAL REPORTS – Bank records and financial statements will be available to the board in all meetings and upon request. The financial report will be a standing item in all board meetings.

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