Head start Education – Below 6 years of age

Reducing the 30-million word gap through revamping of social safety nets.

Middle School students

Mentoring of high-achieving boys and girls from grades 7 and 8 – 20 students to start with.

High School students

Selected students joining high school – start with 20 students.

Higher Education Connections

Connecting Kimathi and Karatina Universities with higher education scholars in the diaspora.

MBA online courses

Working with Saylor University to provide free/low-cost MBA degrees.

Community Projects

Currently, the community is engaged in sack gardening with the help of the Echo Farm.

Students’ comments after receiving funds

1. “I worked hard to pass the KCPE. I was very happy when I was admitted to a national school then I got very depressed when I knew that we could not afford it. They you came. God bless you.”
2. “When I learned that I could not join the high school of my dreams, I wanted to die. My grandmother told me to pray for a miracle. We prayed the whole night. Then God answered our prayers through you.”
3. “You will never know how much you mean to me and my family. You are the angel that God sent to me. Thank you, thank, thank you. I will not let you down.”
4. “I am very grateful for making it possible for me to join high school. May God help you to help me to become the software engineer I always wanted to be.”
5. “My family and I cannot thank you enough. We pray that God will help you get other friends to help us complete high school.”