Questions About NDLA Program

1.Through Partnership. Partners contribute voluntarily to support our programs. Any financial contribution from partners pays tuition fees for our high school students and supports training in the Leadership Academy that is held in the months of April,August & December.
2.Through Sponsorship. Best performing students are selected from vulnerable backgrounds and they join our academy where their tuition fees is paid for the four years in high school and also they get free leadership training at our academy.
3.As a Trainer. Professionals in various fields can join the academy and share their knowledge and skills as volunteers or at an agreed fee.

(i) Nyeri county executive members
(ii) Trained teachers
(iii) Professionals in various fields.

Any help is welcome because every contribution will benefit the students in the Leadership training program or paying school fees during regular school terms.

Questions About the NDLA Curriculum

Highlights are available on the website but detailed information is available from Executive Director's office

After closing 1st term of form 1.That is;April holiday

Training will happen both physically and virtually. Most Learning will happen outdoors ( physically) while some training will happen online since some volunteer professionals are abroad.

If You Have Any Questions You Can Call or email us.

More About Us?

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Who we are

NDLA is registered in the state of Florida as a non-profit organization. It has a subsidiary office in Kenya where its primary operations are located. Its leadership comprises of a twelve-member governing board made of Nyerians in the Diaspora.

The President

The president is the Honorary Ambassador of Nyeri County. The board appoints an executive director to manage and run its operations. NDLA is in partnership with the Governor and local Government of Nyeri County.


Three members of the county government serve as ex-officio members of the board. They include; one Nyeri cabinet member appointed by the governor, The Nyeri County Attorney and one appointee of the County Assembly.

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