The History of Nyeri Diaspora Leadership Academy, Inc.

NDLA is a non-profit social entrepreneurship venture started in February 2023 through the identification of high-performing KCPE graduates from Nyeri who were in of dire need for support for them to join high school. After the initial solicitation of nearly half a million Kenya Shillings, a group of Diasporians came together to identify ways of providing sustainable support for these and other Nyerian youth who find themselves in similar situations. NDLA was then set up primarily to help bring change to the selected youth of Nyeri community through education support and leadership training. Its motto is to connect, learn and inspire. NDLA strives to facilitate not only the funding of tuition for high school education for the selected underprivileged youth but also leadership training. In addition, the organization strives to identify empowerment opportunities for Nyerians both at home and abroad.